what we do

Capacity Testing

We perform solar capacity tests in accordance with the ASTM E2848 standard.

  • We rigorously adhere to the standard and provide thorough documentation of methodology and all steps.
  • We will work diligently and efficiently to make sure that the capacity test is completed so that project deadlines are met.

Solar Performance Assessment tool

We are actively programming a propertary codebase that analyzes solar power plant data and outputs an accounting of loss factors due to 

  • Differences with projected insolation
  • Equipment availability
  • Optical factors (soiling, snow, reflection)
  • Degradation

Our product is distinctive because unlike black-box solutions drive by “AI”, we are able to dissect trace the energy accounting and provide a detailed accounting of every metric we output.

Ad-hoc Analytics Consulting

We are actively seeking to help with your solar power plant data issues, whether it’s data engineering, analytics or predictive model-building. 

We will work with you to solve your specific problem on an ad-hoc basis.



At this site, our analysis identified 3 out of 36 inverters that are consistently underperforming compared to peers