Tackling global warming caused by human activities is the greatest challenge to humanity and other living beings on our wonderful planet. 

Solar energy is an integral part of the solution to global warming.  However, for solar to fulfill its promise, it’s not enough to just build power plants.  We must ensure that the plants are built well, and that when problems arise, they are fixed.

We believe that monitoring production of solar is just as important as building it.  We stand for longevity, durability, waste reduction and maximum utilization of existing resources.

The Great Snipe is a migratory bird that aptly encapsulates this ethos.  At 10-12” in length, it is an unassuming creature whose breeding habitat is in the wet meadows and marshes of northeastern Europe.  The bird is remarkable for being able to make the longest non-interrupted journey at consistent speeds of about 60 miles per hour.  The great snipe makes its journey to winter in Africa, 4000 miles away, in about 84 hours.