Maximize your solar plant’s energy production

Solar PV power plants are built to produce clean energy for decades. However, consider that there are thousands of photovoltaic modules, hundreds of feet of wiring, tens of inverters and hundreds of pounds of racking on a typical solar installation. There are thousands of things that can go wrong. Without proactively monitoring a solar plant’s production, it is estimated that 2-5% of recoverable energy is lost.
 Often, an owner finds out about these problems when the utility penalizes the plant for underproduction.
 Great Snipe Analytics continuously monitors production of your solar power plant and performs in-depth analytics to understand causes of underproduction.
Our target market is commercial industrial clients with a 950 kW – 5 MW solar installation, either roof or ground-mount. We are a young company and are in beta mode of services setup and are committed to delivering valuable insights about your soar plant.  If you are not actively monitoring your solar plant’s production, contact us today at